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  • I’m a total beginner in Muay Thai. Should I start with Swish Arena or Thai Boxing?
    Both Swish Arena and Thai Boxing give beginners a special session at their first lesson to enable them to grasp the Muay Thai basics so that they can get the most out of their subsequent lessons. Whereas Swish Arena may appear intensive for a beginner, the three 3-minute rounds one-on-one padwork would allow the Thai coach to give personalised training according to the beginner’s needs. So both classes are great for beginners!
  • My son is only 4 years old. Can he join one of the classes?
    While the recommended minimum age for Kids Thai Boxing is 6, we welcome slightly younger students. In fact, you can join the class together to ensure your child is entirely at ease with the training environment. Alternatively, your son can join personal training for maximum attention.
  • I’m almost 60 years old. Can I still join one of the classes?
    Yes. Our students are diverse in age and level. Our professional coaches a will take your physical conditions into consideration in their coaching. Personal training would also be a good option for you to train at a comfortable pace.
  • 我從來沒有接觸泰拳。我應該選擇Swish Arena,還是Thai Boxing?
    Swish Arena和Thai Boxing 均會在第一次上課期間,為初學者特設一節時間,教授泰拳基本功,讓他們在其後課堂更容易掌握。縱使Swish Arena看似較密集,不過,在三個三分鐘的一對一回合中,泰藉教練能夠給予學員個人化的訓練,配合初學者需要。因此兩種課堂均有利初學者!
  • 我的兒子只是 4歲,可以來上課嗎?
    雖然Kids Thai Boxing的建議最低年齡是 6歲,我們亦歡迎小一兩歲的兒童。你也可以與孩子一同上課,讓他更易適應課堂環境。另外,你也可以為兒子選擇Personal Training,讓他在課堂上得到最全面的照顧。
  • 我快將 60 歲。我還可以來上課嗎?
    可以。我們學員的年齡層廣,程度亦有所不同。我們專業的教練在授課時會考慮你的身體狀態。如果你希望以最適合你的節奏進行訓練,Personal Training 也是好的選擇。
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