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Check out the facilities at Swish Club! The environment is clean and hygienic, and the equipments are all geared towards giving you a really good workout!
· Male and Female Changing Rooms
· Lockers
· Shower facilities
· Air-Conditioning
· Shoe Racks
· Boxing Ring
· Upper-cut box
· Matted floors for safety and break-fall practice
· Heavy Kicking Bags
· Punching Bags
· Thai Pads
· Punching Mitts
· Protective Sparring Gear
· Lounge Reception
· Merchandise Shop
· Beverage Corner

Causeway Bay This spacious 5,000 sq ft facility is divided into two separate areas, each with their own ring for sparring and padwork and designated areas for personalised coaching. Swish Arena, a unisex training ground is targeted at serious Muay Thai enthusiasts and Swish Ladies, Hong Kong's first ladies-only Muay Thai class environment.


Swish Arena
With at least one experienced instructors for every three students, those looking for personalized and intensive Muay Thai instruction will find Swish Arena the perfect training ground for them. Male and female students preparing for a fight, or wanting to improve their technique, speed, power and agility in the shortest time will benefit from the one-on-one attention that they get in every class. Arena classes are also suitable for beginners who want to start their Muay Thai experience in good hands, as personalised attention from the experts will ensure they learn perfect technique and form right from the start. After a warm up to burn calories and get the blood flowing, students will be taught combinations on both the bag and the pads. Each student will also get several rounds of padwork or drills, from the experienced Thai instructors, (instructor profiles ) and get corrected on technique and form. Instructors will push students to the best of their abilities, without endangering their health or causing injury. On request, students can also spar with the trainers, using provided Fairtex protective gear in a safe environment which will help them sharpen their reflexes and tune their Muay Thai skills for use in real life situations requiring self-defence or future fights. Arena also houses a ring, 7-foot Thai pole bag, 6 - 6-foot Thai bags, an uppercut bag, special wall punching unit, chin up bar and private area for conditioning exercises and personalised training. At Swish, students are not required to hold pads for one another, as they can be assured of one-to-one rounds with the trainers during every sessionCourse Fees and timetable for Swish Arena classes.




Swish Ladies
The first and only Ladies-only Muay Thai class in Hong Kong, Swish Ladies is a specially designated spacious area within Swish Causeway Bay just for women. Led by experienced Thai instructors as well as a qualified female trainer (Trainer Profile), women can ensure that they'll get an authentic Muay Thai workout and learn real moves while burning a lot of calories and fat. Exercises are specially designed to tone and shape the body, without building with bulky muscles, so you'll see results in no time. In this friendly environment, beginners don't have to be shy, and women are encouraged to train with the full support of their fellow classmates. Swish Ladies has a ring for practising light sparring and padwork, as well as insert number of bags, and a rookie room, where beginners can learn basic Muay Thai skills in privacy. Course Fees and timetable for Swish Ladies classes.



Swish Star ( for personalised training )
Work at your own pace to meet your goals with one-on-one private lessons in Star - our personalised training cabana. After consultations, the trainer of your choice will devise a program to help you meet your needs, at your own time and pace. Whether it's learning the basics of Muay Thai or preparing a fight, losing weight, increasing your fitness or toning up your body, personalised sessions are the fastest way to achieve your goals. From one-one-one padwork, to supervised and assisted conditioning instructions or motivating exercises that burn fat increase fitness levels - your wish is our command. Prices for personal training packages (Course Fee)




Swish Shop
Open to members of the public, as well as students, this is where Muay Thai fans and enthusiasts can get their fix of all the latest Fairtex goodies at reasonable prices. As the exclusive retailer of Fairtex Muay Thai merchandise in Hong Kong, the Swish Shop has a regularly updated range of gloves, wraps, accessories and male and female training and fight wear direct from Thailand. We even have regular special offers and discounts on our merchandise. Not sure of what you'll need? Our trained staff will be delighted to help you select the appropriate training wear and equipment for your needs.


Swish Lounge
Swish Lounge, is where you can grab a drink or browse through magazines or training information when you need a break from training or somewhere to relax before or after class. Its location also makes it the perfect place for students or their friends to watch classes and be inspired. There are also a wide selection of Thai Boxing and Competitions videos available for screening at the Lounge. Or simply pull up a chair and use the Lounge as a place to catch up with your fellow students to share training tips and advice.




Swish Gym
Swish Gym provides members with state-of-the-art equipment to enhance their cardiovascular fitness and thereby complement their professional thai boxing training.


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